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MR3 Rotating Beacon

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Part Number:MR3, MR3C, MR3H, MR3HC

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MR3 Series Rotating Beacon - Models MR3, MR3C, MR3H, MR3HC - The "Kojack" Light. - The MR3 is a compact, low profile, tear-drop style, rotating reflector beacon designed to fit on a vehicle’s roof or dash board. Utilizes a belt drive for quiet reliability and simplified maintenance. A variety of configurations are available. Dome Colors Available: Amber, Blue, Green, Purple, or Red. All models are Magnetic mount and come with Velcro mounting strips. Removable Vinyl beam-glare shield included. Plugs into a vehicle's DC adapter. 90 to 110 flashes per minute. 2.8 amps at 12 VDC (Incandescent), 4.5 amps at 12 VDC (Halogen). 4 1/2" high, 7 3/4 long, 5 3/4" diameter, Shipping Weight, 3 lb. Velcro for temporary mounting of MR3 available (Part Number: 873001). Coiled cord set for MR3 available (Part Number: 733000).

For more information click here: http://www.triliteinc.com/product/rotating-beacon-light-dc-red-blue-green-orange~77/ 

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