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Code of Online Business Practices

Code of Online Business Practices

EmergencyLights4Less.com fully supports the PRINCIPLES of the CODE.

This code contains practical, performance-based e-commerce guidelines. These guidelines were designed to allow online businesses to take advantage of the technology and to foster innovation while adhering to fair business practices that provide truthful and accurate information to online consumers. These voluntary guidelines represent sound online advertising and selling practices that the Better Business Bureau and BBBOnline believe will boost consumer trust and confidence in online commerce. However, the code does not address whether the laws, if any, of any particular jurisdiction apply to online advertising or transactions. Online businesses are therefore advised to make a determination that their practices are in compliance with applicable laws. EMERGENCYLIGHTS4LESS.COM embraces and practices the principles of the code as follows:

PRINCIPLE 1: Disclose! Disclose! Disclose! Online businesses shall disclose to their customers and potential customers, clearly, conspicuously, and in easy-to-understand language, accurate information about the business, any goods or services offered through an online transaction, and, if applicable, the transaction itself.

PRINCIPLE 2: Tell the Whole Truth and Nothing but the Truth! Online businesses shall not engage in deceptive or misleading trade practices with regard to any aspect of electronic commerce, including advertising and marketing, or in their use of technology.

PRINCIPLE 3: Maintain Respectful Information Practices! Online businesses shall adopt information practices that are respectful of the consumer's concerns and treat all information with care. They shall post and adhere to a privacy policy based on fair information principles, take appropriate measures to provide adequate security, and respect consumer's preferences regarding unsolicited e-mail.

PRINCIPLE 4: Aim to Please! Online businesses shall make online shopping a positive consumer experience and shall seek to resolve disputes that are raised by their customers, clients, or licensees in a timely and responsive manner.

PRINCIPLE 5: Take Special Care with Children! If online businesses target children under the age of 13, they shall take special care to protect them.