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LED Scene Lighters ( Double Tier )

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Part Number:Models 10.8572 / 10.8574

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LED Scene Lighters - Models 10.8572 / 10.8574 ( Double Tier ) - Create a safe, well-lit environment for workers and motorists with LED Scene Lighters. Heavy-duty U-brackets elevate LED Scene Lights for greater visibility and improved general area lighting. Single LED Scene Lighters have one 72W light head in a pipe-mount or swivel-mount U-bracket. Double LED Scene Lighters have two 72W light heads stacked within a single pipe-mount or swivel-mount U-bracket. Pivoting Double LED Scene Lighters have two 72W light heads in individual U-brackets connected with a pivot mechanism. Each light head can be independently rotated to where light is needed most. All models are available with either a swivel-mount fitting or with a standard 3/4" pipe-mount fitting. Swivel-mount models are compatible with Unity® mounting brackets. Pipe-mount models attach to existing telescopic vehicle mounts or to a portable tripod. Order with in-line, water-resistant, push-button switch(es) or hardwire to a remote 12V- 24V switch (sold separately). Steady-burning, white (6000K) LEDs in each light are energy efficient, maintenance free, and provide reliably bright light for up to 30,000 hours. Each light head has 24 white LEDs. The four LEDs on the ends of each light head have 60° flood reflectors creating a widespread beam of light for even coverage. The center 16 LEDs in each light head have spot reflectors that produce a concentrated, long-reaching beam. Heavy-duty light housings are made of a cast aluminum alloy and have clear lens covers that protect the LEDs from dust and debris. Scene Lighters measure 14-1/2" long, 3-1/2" deep and 8 - 11" high depending upon the model. Designed for weather and vibration resistance. Includes hardware and an 8' insulated cable. IP67 water and dust rated. 12 - 24 Volt / 2 year warranty.
For more information click here:  http://able2products.com/update/10_8572_v1.html

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