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Two-Piece Arrow Boards

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Part Number:02.6200, 02.6209, 02.6216, 02.6234, 02.6252

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Two-Piece Arrow Boards - Models 02.6200, 02.6209, 02.6216, 02.6234, 02.6252 -  Split housing mounts on bucket trucks and other vehicles where a traditional arrow board would be difficult to install. Perfect wherever left and right mounted lights are required. Each panel has five 4" diameter amber lamps which are available in five styles: Standard LED, Mega-Bright LED, Ultra-Bright LED, LumenX LED,and Shock-Mounted Incandescent. Warn oncoming motorists and keep workers safe with four operational modes (60 FPM): right arrow, left arrow, double arrow and corner caution lamps. Each Arrow Board panel measures 13" H x 2-1/2" D x 24" L and is constructed of sturdy, heavy-gauge, epoxy-coated aluminum.  Six heavy-duty threaded inserts in each panel accommodate a variety of mounting applications. Standard plug-in connectors allow easy removal and reattachment of Arrow Boards.  Model 02.6029HD4 control box has two "center off" rocker switches, flash pattern indicator lights, two 15-foot pre-wired heavy-duty harnesses, and a bail bracket for cab mounting. The streamlined housing measures a compact 1-1/4" H x 6-1/4" D x 6" L. 12V standard for LED Models 02.6200, 02.6209, 02.6216, 02.6234 and 02.6252. A 24V DC - 12V DC converter (Model 05.2412.020) is available (sold separately). Two-Piece Arrow Boards with LED lamps are also available in self-contained versions with internal flashers and plug-in wiring. Self-contained models include an internal waterproof flasher that eliminates the need for a separate control box. Just plug the arrow board cable into a 12V outlet, set your pattern and go! PLEASE NOTE: SELF-CONTAINED MODELS ARE ONLY AVAILABLE WITH LED LAMPS. Ten PAR 36 LED lamps are available in three intensities: Standard PAR 36 LED, Mega-Bright PAR 36 LED and Ultra-Bright PAR 36 LED. Pattern selection is controlled by two center-off toggle switches located on the arrow board housing. Comes with a heavy-duty, abrasion-resistant, 20-foot power cable with adapter plug.  Mounting brackets are sold separately. Made in the U.S.A.
For information on Standard Two-Piece Arrow Boards click here:   http://www.able2products.com/update/02_6200_v2.htm
For information on Self-contained, Two-Piece Arrow Boards click here:  http://www.able2products.com/update/02_6216wp_v1.html

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