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Bendable BTI LED Lights

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Retail Price:$154.86
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Part Number:Series 11.8400 / 11.8400F

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Bendable BTI LED Lights - Series 11.8400 / 11.8400F - CALL OR EMAIL FOR PRICING! - Your Price includes a 12" ( minimum ), bendable BTI LED Light. - For each additional inch add $6.51 - Bendable BTI LED Lights have a waterproof, flexible housing that bends to fit vehicle contours for multi-directional lighting on corners, sides, rear windows, grilles or trunks. These variable-length strip lights are available in 1" increments from 12" to 60" long. Each inch of light contains four epoxy-encapsulated LEDs which are moisture, vibration and corrosion resistant. Create custom LED arrays with up to five different colors in your choice of amber, blue, green, red or white. Integral mounting bolts that extend from the back of the housing facilitate a variety of mounting locations. Model 11.8400 Series is steady burning and comes with a 10" power cord (minimum) for permanent installation. A remote switch and LED flasher or signal stick controller is required. (Sold separately.) Model 11.8400F Series has a seven pattern internal flasher and comes with a 10" power cord (minimum length) for permanent installation. An optional adapter plug is also available. L brackets are included with every light. A variety of other mounting brackets are sold separately. 12 Volt / 1 year warranty on LEDs. Made in the U.S.A.
For more information click here: http://able2products.com/update/11_8400_v1.html

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